Beach day for your Dog

The beach is a wonderful place for dogs, with lots of exciting smells, impressions and opportunities for activities. But what should you think about if you want to take your furry friend to the beach this summer? Here are a few suggestions.

Woman and dog on the beach

Before you pack your parasol and cooler bag, search for information on whether there are specific rules for your destination beach.

During the summer months, there may be specific times during the day that Dogs are not permitted on the beach, especially if you are going to a Blue Flag beach.

1. Maintain moderate temperatures for the dog

Due to their lower heat tolerance compared to humans, it is crucial to ensure dogs have access to shaded areas with cool ground. It is worth considering purchasing cooling blankets or mats designed specifically for dogs to provide additional relief from the heat.

2. Watch your paws

If you find the sand too hot to walk on barefoot, it means it’s also too hot for your dog. Walking on hot sand can cause burns on their paws as well Also consider that there may be sharp shells or shards of glass in the sand or at the water’s edge. Look carefully and bring a first aid kit in case of an accident. This way you can stop the bleeding yourself before you go to a vet.

3. Beware of the Jellyfish

Jellyfish stings can be very painful and may lead to symptoms such as drowsiness, vomiting, and difficulty in breathing. Regardless of the jellyfish’s size, it is advisable to leash your dog and relocate to another section of the beach upon spotting one. This precautionary measure aims to minimize the risk of injury and ensure the well-being of your four-legged friend.

4. Avoid salt poisoning

To prevent salt poisoning in dogs, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with ingesting large quantities of saltwater. Please carry fresh water for your dog to avoid the dog ingesting saltwater when thirsty.

5. Show consideration

In summertime, the beach is enjoyed by all. Please be mindful that not everyone may like your playful pooch interrupting their picnic or sunbathing session. If you choose to let your doggy off the lead, please do so at quieter times or away from the bigger family crowds.

Happy summer!