How do I choose the right dog? We help you on your way!

Buying or adopting a dog is a big decision. Here are some tips for you to bring home a dog that suits you, your lifestyle and what your reason is to get a dog.

Dogs sitting in a row.

If you are thinking about getting a dog home, it is important to map out what your life situation looks like. There are many different dog breeds and mixes of breeds. Avoid bringing home a dog just based on its appearance. There is one for everyone, but it is important to think carefully before you bring home a dog as it is a lifelong commitment.

It should feel right when you choose a dog

Let experience, your life situation and common sense play a part in choosing a dog. Here’s some questions you can ask yourself.  

Do your working hours allow you to have a pet? Do you have enough space in your home? Can you afford costs related to the dog? Have you had a certain breed in the past that you worked well or less well with? Have you met a rescuer or a dog enthusiast who can help you with this information? Weigh everything into your decision and don’t hesitate to ask or get help if you feel unsure. You could reach out to your local vet for guidance too.  

The individual before the appearance

All dogs are individuals, and their temperament can therefore vary quite a lot. Remember to visit your litter of puppies to get an overall picture of your puppy.

Common diseases

Breed-specific diseases are diseases that are linked to a particular breed. By looking at diseases that are typical for the breed, you can get an overview of risks for different diseases. If you have a mixed-breed dog, this information is not available, but you can look at the different breeds your dog is a mix of to see the greatest risks for each breed. Keep in mind that the statistics are not a guarantee of knowing what your dog will or will not suffer from but give an overview of the most common breed-specific diseases.

Avoid a puppy farm

Dogs are bred on puppy farms to earn a quick profit. These animals are raised in inhumane conditions and sold to unsuitable households.

In many cases, these puppies are handed over in car parks, advertised in newspapers or sold on the internet. Do not purchase puppies from these without thoroughly vetting them.