Watch out for the dangers of Easter for the dog

Soon it will be time for dogs and dog owners to celebrate Easter together with Easter decorations, Easter food and everything else that goes with it. But be careful that your dog does not ingest anything inappropriate. Here are some simple tips for a safer celebration.

Celebrate a dog-friendly easter

A common reason for urgent veterinary visits during the holidays is that the dog chews on an inappropriate object that gets stuck in the stomach or intestine. During Easter, everything from exciting Easter decorations to Easter eggs and toys can be tempting to chew on. Puppies are usually quick to chew on most things when their teeth itch.

Make sure the dog does not reach the ornament

Pick away Easter eggs and place the decoration out of reach of curious noses. In addition, make sure that the dog does not have access to the buffet in an unsupervised moment. Salty food can have sad consequences, but there are also other dangers on the Easter table.

If there is an object stuck in the intestine or in the stomach that does not come out the usual way, the dog must receive emergency veterinary care and help to remove the object through an abdominal opening.

Watch out for chocolate, raisins and grapes

Most people are now aware that chocolate is not good for dogs, but the same applies to grapes and raisins, which can cause acute kidney failure.

Toxic for dogs – list of toxic substances

Stimulate the dog

Activate and stimulate the dog with suitable toys, exercise and mental stimulation. It usually goes a long way to prevent it from inventing its own pranks when you turn your back.