Sleeping Habits of Cats: Understanding Your Feline’s Restful Routine 

Cats are renowned for their remarkable sleep patterns. These graceful creatures, known as seven-sleepers’, can snooze away for a staggering 16 hours a day.

To put this into perspective, a nine-year-old cat would have spent more than three years of its life in slumber. This article will explore the various stages of a cat’s sleep, shedding light on their catnaps, ortho-sleep, and para-sleep. Additionally, we’ll discuss the importance of providing comfortable and strategic sleeping areas for your furry friends, ensuring they have the perfect place to unwind. 

The Three Stages of Cat Sleep: 

A cat’s sleep is comprised of three distinct types, each serving a unique purpose in its overall sleep cycle. 


Often just a short and refreshing respite, the catnap is a brief moment of rest. 

Orthosleep (Shallow Sleep): 

During ortho-sleep, cats enter a shallow sleep state. This stage allows them to relax while maintaining a heightened level of awareness of their surroundings. 

Parasleep (Deep Dream Sleep): 

Parasleep is when cats experience their deepest sleep and vivid dreams. This phase is characterized by twitching paws and whiskers, accompanied by rapid eye movements known as REM (Rapid Eye Movements). 

Sleep Duration: 

Adult cats typically spend upwards of 16 hours per day in slumber, while kittens tend to sleep even more. It’s essential to provide cosy sleeping spots where your cat can rest undisturbed, granting them the peace they desire. Ideally, at least two dedicated sleeping areas should be per cat, with an additional spot available. Take advantage of vertical space by placing your cat’s sleeping area at an elevated height, as many cats enjoy sleeping in lofty perches. 

Understanding your cat’s sleep patterns is crucial for their overall well-being. By providing comfortable sleeping spaces that cater to their preferences, you can ensure your feline companion enjoys the restful sleep they need. Remember, a contented and well-rested cat is a happy cat!