How to celebrate a cat-friendly Easter

Easter is fast approaching, and we are looking forward to blooming daffodils and beautiful decorations indoors. Decorations become a nightmare if ingested by your cat as they can cause serious issues in your pet’s stomach and intestines. Here you will get tips on how you and your cat can have a lovely Easter together.

Kitten in arms of a girl

Unlike dogs, cats are rarely interested in the food at the Easter buffet, however, they are often curious and playful when exciting Easter things such as tangled threads, feathers and other Easter decorations catch their eye. Decorations that have strings or threads attached are particularly dangerous when ingested. It may be necessary for your cat to have life-saving abdominal surgery if your inquisitive feline friend eats decorations, ornaments, strings or threads.

Also keep in mind that just like dogs, cats cannot tolerate chocolate. On the other hand, cats are generally not as interested in sweets as their canine companions and are therefore less likely to suffer from poisoning.


How to celebrate a cat-friendly Easter

  • Plants should be kept out of reach of curious cats. Lilies, tulips, and daffodils can be harmful to cats. It is advisable to keep the water in the vase containing these flowers out of the cats’ reach because it may be harmful.
  • Feel free to play with your cat but do so under supervision and remove anything that can get stuck in the cat’s stomach when you are done.
  • Cats usually like to retreat when guests arrive. Therefore, offer the cat a quiet corner where it can retreat.
  • Make sure that the balcony door and window are cat-proof, so that no guest accidentally lets the indoor cat out.
  • Cats, just like dogs, cannot tolerate chocolate, so make sure to keep the ravenous cat away from the candy bowl.